Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Thank you all

Thank you all I have 800 followers. Oh to be so popular in real life giggle. As I lie in bed feeling terrible with Tgirl flu. Trying to keep up with emails and wishing I could go shopping I found this old-ish picture.  

It captures perfectly how I feel. A little sad, a little lonely but knowing there is something wonderful just around the corner

Love to you all my faithful 800 (blushing) xxx


  1. Tabby, You are really pretty, but I wish you would smile in a few of the photos. You look so serious and from your posts I just feel that you have to have some sparkle in a nice smile. Anyway, I hope you are well and that you have a Holly Jolly Christmas.


  2. Every day you wake up is a good day. How you feel this day is a choice. How do you choose to feel?

  3. yes, just what Lady said realy, are sexy and a naughty smile, mmm,
    Jen x

  4. Cheer up!! lady, we all love you !! dn.nb